We believe that to change culture, you have to make culture. We create, broadcast, and distribute media that has the power to change. Through our omni-channel approach, we touch, move, and inspire people with faith and values media content.

We embrace our role as story tellers who connect with people through great stories, relevant messaging, and timeless truths. We value the power of media in reaching, connecting, and impacting people around the world. Together, we are changing the world through media.



We always strive to be on the leading edge of broadcast, continually working to develop new ways to connect our brands with our audience. Our omni-channel approach mobilizes radio, TV, film, and digital platforms to reach people wherever they are. Our media have been empowered by broadcast for more than 50 years and through strategic partnerships with other broadcast entities, we are reaching more people than ever before.


We are a top international media distributor of faith and values content, crossing multiple genres and demographics by encouraging the development of media that has the power to change. We specialize in acquiring, producing, and distributing entertainment internationally across all platforms. We go beyond international broadcast licensing with the ability to market ancillary product merchandise and theatrical releases in the market, and our experienced sales, marketing, and public relations teams work together to maximize success. Through distribution, our reach is global as we impact audiences around the world.


This is the heartbeat of what we do – it’s why we do what we do. Beyond creating, broadcasting, and distributing faith and values inspired media, we connect with our viewers through our 24/7 interactive prayer lines, which receive more than 1000 calls a day. We are also a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency. Over the past 30 years, we have partnered with more than 60 on-site local NGOs to provide over $36 million in humanitarian aid and emergency relief around the globe.



100 Huntley Street is Canada's longest running daily television program and the sixth longest running daily television program in the world. 100 Huntley currently impacts over 1 million unique viewers each week, and recently added an additional 30 million American homes to its reach. The program will airs its 10,000th episode in October 2015.


YES TV is a commercial TV station and the new, exclusive Canadian home of major reality TV shows, game shows, courtroom dramas, and so much more. YES TV is committed to positive programming and entertainment for the whole family, and is available in 6.9 million homes across Canada.


Tricord Media is non-profit corporation and international distributor of exclusively produced and co-produced faith and values based media content, including major motion pictures, compelling documentaries, and TV programs. Tricord supports media that inspire people to transform lives and communities.


Using high quality animation, original music, books and other creative resources, God Rocks! was designed to teach kids important lessons from the Bible in a fun way. The God Rocks! cartoon characters and universe is based on Luke 19:40, “If the people fall silent, the stones will cry out.”

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